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Young Businesswomen

One-on-One Coaching

As your ADHD life coaching professional I customize your sessions based on you, your needs and your desired outcome. We work as a team. Here are some benefits to working 1:1 with an ADHD life coach.


We all do better when we have to be accountable to someone. This is even more true for those of us with ADHD. Accountability has been shown to move people to success much faster than doing it alone.


When you are consistently working with someone on your goals, your goals stay top-of-mind. Yes, even if you have ADHD. 

A Deeper Dive

We take a deeper look into what keeps you from taking action, negative thought patterns, and poor habits that keep you stuck  but from the ADHD perspective. Our brains work differently so we have to work through these things differently.


We also celebrate your wins - Big and small!

Action Steps

Once we have a better idea of how ADHD impacts you specifically, we decide on action steps to take during the week to move you closer to your goals that work for your brain. We then review which steps were taken between appointments to see what worked, what didn't & why.

So Much More

We personalize your coaching to match your needs and your goals. 

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