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ADHDo the Thing

Group Accountability and Coaching for women with ADHD

ADHDo the Thing

Join us for an hour of support, coaching and community! Meet and learn from other women with ADHD while getting your questions answered and start moving closer to your goals! 

In each session we are going to be:

  • Celebrating your wins,

  • Getting your questions answered, and

  • Supporting each other in a community of women who get you!

(If you are an introvert - I promise you will never have to speak if you don't want to.)

You will also receive a complimentary membership to where you will get special blog posts and, coming soon, training videos just for this community. 

This is a great opportunity for you to get some coaching and benefit from the accountability of this group!

Accountability is everything for people with ADHD. 

We meet on the FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of every month at 12pm CST. 

*This is a subscription. You will be charged automatically every month.

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