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About Jorie

A sometimes-sweary, GenX, ADHD, disco-loving wife & mom who helps women who discover their ADHD in adulthood.
Certified Professional Life Coach, Transformation Academy
Certified Lifebook Leader, Lifebook Co.
Public Speaker 
ADHD Advocate
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Jorie Houlihan has had a wide variety of turns in her careers and life. She has been everything from an actress, secretary (isn't that a requirement if you are an actress?), bartender (see secretary), network marketer, real estate agent and clinical massage therapist.  Whew! This should have been the first clue that I had ADHD - ha!


As a clinical massage therapist, she ran her own clinic, The Body Clinic of Chicago, for almost 10 years.  This was when she was first introduced to personal and professional development. She also started coaching her clients helping them take better care of themselves between sessions. It just came naturally to her. She loved helping her clients come up with strategies to live healthier but in a way that worked for them. She loved helping her clients live better lives.

In all of her careers and businesses, and even in her friendships, she has done coaching in one form or another. She finally decided it was time to get certified as a life coach. It was also at this time that she went through the Lifebook program. This program utterly changed her life forever. In fact, she loved it so much she became certified to facilitate the program. The biggest result of the program for her was Lifebook became the catalyst for her eventually being diagnosed with ADHD. It's a story too long to tell here but it's a good one! Ha! 


Once she realized she may have ADHD she did the hyper-focus deep dive we all know so well, researching everything she could find on it. She realized then that ADHD wasn't just about her struggle to focus and losing her keys all the time.


It was why she struggled to start and follow through on tasks and projects. 


It was why she would forget to look at her to-do list all day.


It was why she needed three reminders for every appointment.


She learned that things like out-of-sight, out-of-mind are part of ADHD and so much more!


Thankfully, she was able to finally get a diagnosis and started treatment. After her diagnosis, she realized that even though she now knew she wasn't 'lazy' or 'stupid' those narratives were still driving the bus. She also struggled to find a program to help her work through it. So she created one. 


She decided then that helping other women who had ADHD, who were ready to make the change they wanted but didn't know how to get there, especially those who discover it later in life like she did, was what she wanted to do. She knew she could combine her coaching skills with the Lifebook program to create programs that would change these women's lives forever. It is an honor to work with and hold space for these women.

In addition to all of this, Jorie also loves her family and friends, as well as paddleboarding, reading, doing ceramics, going to Cubs games and good ol' fashioned rom-coms and listening to disco music. I promise that working with me will never be boring! 

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