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"Jorie is fantastic at what she does. She truly cares about the success and happiness of other women and can relate to the challenges they are facing. You will not find a less "judgy" person to work with, or one more open to new ideas." - Lisa M.

"I am so grateful to know Jorie! It’s so nice to work with someone who totally understands how my ADHD brain works. Jorie is an amazing listener and very articulate with all her communication. I am venturing into unknown territory for me in our work together and I feel at ease knowing Jorie is there to guide me in the right direction. I have always hoped that there was someone who could understand me and help me get my life in better order. Jorie is stuck with me, I’m so excited for the clarity she is helping me find!! I highly recommend her!!!" - Susan P.

"Jorie is a great coach and so good at helping women who discover their ADHD diagnosis later in life to manage the overwhelm they feel and figure out what their new story of their life is going to be. She is fun, caring, and great at what she does. " - Nikki E.

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