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April 2023 Masterclass Replay

April 2023 Masterclass Replay

Tired of setting goals only to not achieve them...again...?

Are you creating goals but getting completely overwhelmed by them?

Maybe you've given up making goals altogether?

In this replay, I will be discussing 3 keys you can use to help you

💥 Overcome your overwhelm!

💥 Lean into your ADHD strengths (we have LOTS of them)!

💥 Create your best year ever!

We will be discussing some of the following

👉🏻 What aspects of the ADHD brain creates challenges with goal-setting.

👉🏻 ADHD challenges such as time blindness ⏰, out-of-sight out-of-mind, and lack of organization skills to help you pinpoint your unique challenges.

👉🏻 Common ADHD strengths 💪🏻 you can lean into.

👉🏻 3 Keys you need to know about Goal-Setting with ADHD.

...and more!

Plus, as a BONUS, you will learn one of my favorite ADHD hacks!

This is not your typical "Goal-Setting" masterclass. Those classes don't work for us. They don't address our special skill sets and challenges. This is a class designed for women who live with ADHD by a woman who lives with and coaches women who live with ADHD. Get ready to make this your best year yet!

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