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Group Coaching

Group coaching can be an affordable and amazing way to be accountable and learn new skills to manage your ADHD with other women who are going through the same thing.

ADHD0 the Thing is an Accountability and Coaching Group. Here's what you get when you join:

The Coaching!

Not only are you going to be working with a coach who also lives with ADHD  and gets you, you will be doing it with other ADHD women who you will also be learning from as they are learning from you! 


Groups allow multiple people to ask questions or bring up topics that others may not think of but need the answers to. The coaching is designed to help keep you more focused and learn more than you would doing it on your own. It's a win-win for everyone!


Showing up to these group sessions helps you learn to be accountable for the work you said you were going to do. You can be openly excited about following through on a self-care task you've been struggling with or for doing the laundry. You can also know that when you are struggling you will be surrounded by women who will hold you accountable and also cheer you on and help you. Showing up is half the battle.

Women holding hands in the air.


Being around other women who have a shared life experience as yours is invaluable. Most of us have spent our lives feeling alone or knowing we were different and not understanding why. Now you will be in a community of women who not only live with ADHD but also want to take control of it like you. You will be picking each other up during disappointments and cheering for each other during your wins! 


Group coaching can be a more affordable approach to coaching for those who really want to do the work but whose budget may not allow it

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