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ATTN: ADHD & Non-ADHD Entrepreneurs!

3 Starting Points to Simplify a Business that is True to You!

ATTN: ADHD & Non-ADHD Entrepreneurs!

This class is for both ADHD and non-ADHD individuals who are either thinking of starting a business or are in the beginning phases of it.

When your business can be built around your authentic self, it can eliminate the overwhelm of trying to create a business that doesn't suit you.

Creating a business that is true to you increases your chances to:

  • Attract the right customers,

  • Generate a profit

  • Create lasting relationships with your customers for years to come.

During this class we will be discussing:

  • Tools to help you set realistic goals to get your business off on the right foot! 🔥

  • Key elements to consider when starting or strengthening your business 🔥

  • Initial marketing steps and considerations to show up as yourself 🔥

To register please go to:

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