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Connecting the Dots

For women who are ready to embrace their ADHD and make the change they've always wanted in their life, Connecting the Dots is the program you have been looking for!

Next Session Starts the week of 2/6/2023! Registration starts 1/27/2023!

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Introducing the Connecting the Dots Hybrid Program!

This Transformation Program helps you Connect the Dots from


- understanding who you thought you were before your ADHD diagnosis 


- to creating a life knowing & EMBRACING who you are with your ADHD that you can stop living in overwhelm, start loving who you are and start living up to your full potential with confidence!

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Whether you have just realized you have ADHD or you were diagnosed as a kid, many women struggle to truly embrace everything that comes with their ADHD. As a result, they end up struggling their entire life not just with executive functioning issues such as:

  • Prioritizing

  • Time Management

  • Planning & Executing

...among others, but also with shame, guilt and negative self-talk.​

In the Connecting the Dots transformational program, using a combination of


we figure out

  • How ADHD impacts you personally 

  • Create goals for your life based on how your brain works

  • Help you learn how to create systems and track how they are working in order for you to finally achieve your goals.


Lastly, there is accountability coaching, which is crucial for success with ADHD. 

Change takes time and this time you are going to create the change.

Woman leaning against a wall smiling.


  • How your ADHD shows up in YOUR life.

  • How living with ADHD has impacted your life, both the negative and the positive.

  • What your self-talk is saying to you so you know who is driving the bus!

  • What your unique challenges and strengths are.

  • How to lean into your strengths to set yourself up for success.

  • What you truly want in 12 key areas of your life. What YOU want, not your spouse, not your kids, not your parents...YOU.

  • Goals and strategies to achieve those goals that work for your brain.

  • How to prioritize your goals.

  • How to track and improve your strategies.

  • How you can use accountability to help you implement your strategies and achieve anything you want in life.

Woman sitting on a couch writing in a notebook.
Woman in a white shirt standing confidently with her arms crossed.


  • Have a toolbox of strategies, systems and other tools that work for your brain which have been tried and tested by you.

  • Feel in control of your life. Your ADHD will no longer control you.

  • Start loving who you are and have more confidence! This is HUGE!! 

  • Know who you are & how to create and SUSTAIN a life where you can stop living in overwhelm and start living up to your full potential!

  • You will be part of a community of women who have been where you are and who will

    • celebrate your wins,

    • lift you up when you are down and

    • hold you accountable. Accountability and community is vital for people living with ADHD.

Schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation to see if the Connecting the Dots Program is right for you. 

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